Camber Steady Plus Progressive
Camber Steady Plus Progressive | Initial Configuration Personalized free-form progressive lenses.
Designed with the most revolutionary IOT technologies.
Camber Technology IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology Steady Plus Methodology
Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses provide the wearer with an unbeatable visual experience: wide reading zones, improved peripheral vision, extended power range, more aesthetically pleasing lenses, and unbeatable near vision performance.
Alternate Design Configurations

A wearer may prefer one progressive lens over another based on their expectations and visual demands.

Camber Steady Plus Progressive
| Near Vision
Camber Steady Plus Progressive
| Distance Vision
Camber Steady Plus Progressive
| Intermediate Vision

 Camber Steady Plus Progressive initial configuration
  • Superior visual acuity
  • Improved quality of vision in the near zone
  • Precise & comfortable focus for all working distances in any direction of gaze
  • Near elimination of peripheral blur
  • Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices
  • Higher image stability for reduced swim effect
Ideal Wearer

Those looking for the best visual quality or who want the most innovative solutions. Digitally connected wearers looking for maximum visual comfort. Those who value the aesthetics of their finished lenses. Wearers with all types of prescription and addition powers, especially medium to high.

Variable base curve Flatter lenses Personalization Compensated power
Due to the variation of the base curve, the lens is built from the start with a more ideal surface. It provides excellent optical quality at any distance, especially in near vision. Camber™ Technology allows the laboratory to select flatter base curves while still giving the patient the curve they need for maximizing their near vision zone. The design is further enhanced, when desired, by a complete set of individualization parameters that take into consideration the unique attributes of the frame and the preferences of the wearer. If no parameters are provided, IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 will utilize default values. Lens power differs from prescribed power. The design is calculated, point by point, to ensure wearers perceive the proper power when looking through their lenses at every distance and direction of gaze, including near distances for viewing electronic devices.
Optimized in
accommodative object space
Consistency Strict control of mean power
in the distance area of the lens
Binocular balance improvement
IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 incorporates the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation into the traditional calculations for reducing oblique aberrations, resulting in a superior personalized lens. Oblique aberrations are minimized more effectively than ever before. The perceived power distribution remains stable, regardless of the prescription or base curve. This is especially beneficial for high prescriptions and large or wrapped frames. Significantly reduces mean power error. Mean power in the intermediate and near areas of the lens is entirely symmetrical.
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